**Steel Toe Distillery products are also available for purchase at the following liquor stores in Montana:


Grizzly Liquor-Missoula

Krisco- Missoula

Lolo Liquor- Lolo

Victor Liquor- Victor

O'Brians Liquor- Columbia Falls

Seeley Lake Liquor - Seeley Lake

The Cave- Big Sky

Nobles Liquor- Great Falls

Kalispell A Kalispell Liquor

M-T Glass Liquors - Helena

24th Street State Liquor - Billings

23545 Highway 200 East, Potomac, MT 59823 . (406) 244-4567 . cbock@steeltoedistillery.com

We're excited to announce that we have started off 2016 by moving into a new and much bigger building! It is located just across the driveway from the old distillery. Stop in and check it out!!

 We take a lot of pride in our crisp and refreshing gin.  Bottles are 750ml and priced at $25.00 each.

Uncle Carl's Prohibition Style Whiskey comes in 750ml bottles and is priced at $30.00 per bottle when bought direct from the distillery.

Come in and try our whiskey or gin! Sample shots are available.

Check out our latest addition, "Show Pony" Gin!!

 We pride ourselves in taking moonshine traditions and carrying them over into our crisp and clean whiskey.

Steel Toe Distillery is located in beautiful Potomac, Montana. We are only a 30 minute ride from Missoula!

Our hours of operation are:

Wednesday-Sunday 12:00-7:00

We are live on the property so can be open earlier/later if needed!


We are CLOSED on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Call ahead for availability