Steel Toe Distillery is a family run business located out of Potomac, Montana,  about a 30 minute drive from Missoula. Owned and operated by Carl and Christina Bock, it is a genuine 'Mom and Pop' business.  

Steel Toe was established in 2013 after years of careful study. All of our current recipes are sugar based liquors, crafted after what was called 'good' whiskey. This was made by American moonshiners and reserved for weddings and themselves. 

100% of Steel Toe Distilleries products are distilled by Carl Bock and bottled on site. There are no coloring, additives, or artificial flavorings added.​

Some reviews from customers:

"Was not expecting the hospitality we received. Carl is definitely not the guy in it for the money and his heart is in the game. He has a lot to talk about and is just waiting for you to show up and talk with a couple tasters."- Casey N.

​"Ahhhhmazing. Carl is the real deal, such a great man who really knows what he's doing and is more than kind. Stopped for a bottle, stayed for the atmosphere and conversation, definitely check it out 10/10 will do again!" - Charity L.

​"Carl is the man. Best distillery in the north west" - Steve S.