'Settlers' Tea' is a liqueur that is infused with black tea, mint, and rose hips. The recipe is historical and based on a tea blend used by early colonists. The use of rose hips packs Vitamin C and also lends a fruity texture.

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Sterling Original Vodka is double distilled and double filtered. Crisp and clean, it's great mixed or alone!

Sterling Huckleberry Vodka is double distilled and double filtered with all natural flavor added. This vodka has that rich and sweet huckleberry taste we all know and love. 

Sterling Lemon Vodka is double distilled and double filtered with all natural lemon flavor added. This vodka is lightly sweetened to make a great mixer for citrus cocktails.

Sterling Toasted Marshmallow Vodka, need we say more? This vodka is made to spice up those fall and winter drinks we all love. It pairs excellent in dessert cocktails!

'Uncle Carl's Prohibition Whiskey'  is by far the smoothest 120 proof whiskey you will ever find. Using selective moonshine techniques and careful aging in charred oak casks, Uncle Carl's is unsurpassed in quality. Uncle Carl's is not blended, making each batch slightly different than the next.

'Show Pony Gin' is a tasting gin, crafted using an old world traditional fashion. Not a modern gin, Show Pony is infused with Juniper berries but relies more heavily on other traditional botanicals:

cinnamon, cassia, almond, cubub berries, lemon peel, orange peel, corriander, grains of paradise, all spice, cardamon, licorice root, anise .

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